Direct Me Anywhere is a “mash-up” of sorts between DIY and Do It All For You Video. You simply download our app, and set up your smartphone or iPad at your chosen location. That’s all to the DIY portion of the shoot. Our directors take it from there, carefully guiding you live every step of the way. When our session is over, we edit your video and send it to you in a matter of days not weeks. Nothing could be simpler, or as cost-effective as Direct Me Anywhere.

Sort of. Just like with Facetime or Skype, you will be able to see your director on your device, allowing you to communicate with each other one-on-one. The beauty of Direct Me Anywhere instead of other methods of video chat is that the quality of your video will be far superior because your video is not recorded over an internet connection. Your video is recorded in up to 4K video on your device. 

After our session, our director will stay online with you and capture the video off of your phone and deliver it to our cloud. From there, you can delete the files from your device, freeing up valuable space. It couldn’t be easier.

Our directors have years of in the field directing and producing experience and know-how to help real people – just like you – come across as professional as possible on camera. Our directors will gently guide you and help with many different things:

    • Our directors work with you on your delivery and pacing.
    • Our directors frame and set up the shot to make you, the background and the “set” look polished and professional.
    • Our directors control lighting, focus, etc. so you don’t have to worry about anything technical.
    • Our directors are trained to hear bobbles and see mistakes that you may not be aware of. There is no “second-guessing” with Direct Me Anywhere. You can be assured that we will work with you until we get it right and you feel good about your recording session.

Yes! So glad you asked! Direct Me Anywhere has the ability to run a script on your device’s screen, just like a professional teleprompter. You don’t have to stress about remembering a thing!

Actually, that’s our favorite way to work. Different from the scripted, teleprompter approach, the “testimonial” approach is more casual while still staying on brand and messaging. When we edit your video, you won’t hear our questions, only your answers, making you the “expert” on your product or service.

Absolutely. We believe that testimonials, professionally filmed and edited, give great credibility to businesses. There’s nothing better than word of mouth advertising. We would be happy to help you capture all the good things your clients say about you.

Yes, we can help you with scriptwriting and brand messaging. This is an added service and one we love to help our clients with.

• Additional versions social media deliverables
• Expanded editing and graphics package.
• Assistance with Planning and Strategy
• Pre-Session On Camera Coaching
• Social Media Analytics Report
• Stock footage priced as used