Wesnic Delivers!

How One Company Turned iPhone Video into a Marketing Home Run. Even in the Midst of a Pandemic.

When Wesnic, Inc., a supplier of furnishings for public spaces, needed video to showcase a recent project completed during the Covid 19 pandemic, they looked no further than the palm of their hand. Their smartphone.

And with the other hand, they reached out to Lindsey Films and sister company, Direct Me Anywhere to help. Direct Me Anywhere specializes in working with companies and business owners to create director-led, remote capture videos, just by using smartphones, anywhere in the world there’s an internet connection. Direct Me Anywhere, based in Florida, directed Wesnic personnel on the ground in New York City, through on-location filming, as well as conducting on camera interviews. It was all captured remotely, without the need for an on-site production crew.

Working with Romano/Norton Creative on concept approach and post production, Lindsey Films was able to provide Wesnic with a compelling video shared with clients everywhere.

“The response to this video has been tremendous,” said Wesnic CEO, Robert D. Hines. “We were skeptical that iPhone video could capture the essence of our project, but during Covid, we had to think of alternative ways to film. The combination of editing stock photography, coupled with our iPhone video, enabled us to safely showcase this project and our story.”